Would you like to build your own London home?

25 November 2015

Eleanor Byrne from City Hall’s housing team explains how the new Build Your Own London Home register will work.

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We have just launched Build Your Own London Home register. It will give the housing and planning teams here a chance to see how much demand there is from Londoners who wish to build their own homes. We can then make sure that housing and planning policies reflect this accordingly. We’ll also be working with each London borough to help them set up their own register.

What information do you need to give?

To give your local council a clear picture of what you need, you’ll be asked to provide a few details about yourself (name, age, address), where you want to live, how many bedrooms you like and if you want to self-build or custom build.

What is custom build?

Custom build gives people the option to work with a specialist developer to design and customise some elements of their new home. It starts with a plot of land or a basic built ‘shell’. People can then choose the particular layouts, finishes, fixtures and fittings they want.

What is self-build?

Self-build gives people the option to buy a plot of land, then manage the entire design and build process themselves.

That’s all you need to know to get started. Register your interest now.

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